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Coroners records Inquests
Crime Bath City Police Prisoners Photograph Books
Commitments in Felony
Commitments to the House of Correction
Quarter Sessions Court Minutes
Freemen and Corporation Freemen's Apprentices
Mineral Water Cures Cross Bath Register of Subscriptions
Mineral Water Hospital Case Book
Miscellaneous Bath Loyal Association Petition
Lost Pawnbroker's tickets
Nonconformist Records Methodist Registers
Unitarian Registers
Poor Relief Board of Guardians, Boarding Out Records
Board of Guardians, Maintenance Case Books
Board of Guardians, Register of Bastardy Orders
Board of Guardians, Registers of Paupers Removed
Board of Guardians, Relief Order Book
Parish Poor Law papers
Settlement Examinations
Rate Books City Rates
Parish Poor Rate
School records Bathforum School Admission Registers
Blue Coat School Admissions and Apprenticeships
Vaccination Records Vaccination Registers
War Records Bath War Memorials - WWI
Wills Wills

The different types and sources of documents cover different periods of time. To see if the database includes records from the period you are interested in, have a look at this diagram of Bath Ancestors document source date ranges

Descriptions of the documents appear if you move the mouse pointer over the document source names (except on mobile devices). All the descriptions are also available here on a separate page.


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